China Custom Excavator Engine Drive Coupling Compatial with Centafle 45h Coupling

Product Description

Excavator engine drive coupling Compatial with Centafle 45H coupling

Product Descrition:
*Place of Origin: ZheJiang , China (Mainland)
*Brand Name: CHINAMFG
*Model Number: Centafle CF-H-160
*Material: DuPont Hytrel
*Sales type: Retail, Wholesale
*Mark: According to customer needs
*Application: Construction machinery, ships, generators, compressors
*Quality: Controlstrict 1 11E1-1507 11E1-1511 11N7-1571 11N1-1 13E6-16040 S472-55712 11N7-1 11N7-1 13E6-16050 11E1-1508 S109-18060D S 11E1-1509 S 11E1-1510 13E6-16040 S109-18055D 11M8-1 13E6-16060 S472-55712 S 13E6-16060 11EM-12030 S S


 Excavator Coupling Parts Number
PH30P57102F1 LF30P57101F1 24100U341F1 2418U225F2 2418U224F2 2418U224F2
PH30P57102S001 LF30P57101S001 24100U341S1 2418U225S1 2418U224S2 2418U224S2
PH30P57102S002 2418U128S5 2418U128S5 2418U225S2 2418U162S2 2418U162S2
PW30P57102S003 ZP26D 0571 1 ZP26D 0571 1 2418U162S2 2418U128S5 2418U128S5
PY30P57103S004 ZS73C16571 2418P23473 2418U128S5 2418U162S3 2418U162S3
PY30P57103S006 ZS73C20571 ZS23C16035 2418U162S3 ZP26D 0571 1 ZP26D 0571 1
ZS18C10045 2418P19271 ZS18C10035 ZP26D 0571 1 2418U224S7 2418U224S7


Excavator Coupling Parts Number
20D-01-18130 20X-01-21120 203-01-61190 20X-01-21130 203-01-67160 208-38-11120
Excavator Coupling Parts Number
KNJ1050 KNJ1050 KRJ3450 KRJ6318 KSJ777 KSJ1777
KNJ0949 KNJ0186 KRJ3451 KRJ6320 KHN5716 KHN5716
108R016Y050R 108R016Y050R KRJ2657 KRJ6321 KSJ1901 KSJ1901
338W050Z571B 338W050Z571B KSJ2664 KRJ6322 KTJ1419 KTJ1419
KSJ2875 KTJ1418 KSJ2665 152B571Y030N 338W080Z016B 338W080Z016B
KSJ2666 KSJ2582 KSJ2666 KTJ1418 152B571Y030N  
    Y&F Rubber coupling      
Excavator Coupling Parts Number
414-00045 414-00044 2414-9571 2414-9571 2414-9571 2414-9034
414-00045A K900571 2474-7009 2474-7009 2474-7009 K9000426
K90571 K90571 K9000422 K9000422 K9000422 K9000425
K900571 2414-9042 2414-9008A 2414-9041 2414-9009A 414-00040A
2414-9040 K9000426 K9000426 K9000426 K90571 K90571
414-00040 414-00041 414-00041A      


E excavator Coupling Parts Number
093-4195 099-0144 7Y-0609 099-6095 085-7572 8U-571 6W-3988 7Y-0466 7Y-1900 099-0149
093-5979 093-5718 095- 0571 1R-7566 099-8109 8U- 0571 6W-3988 8T-0348 7Y-1901 099-0144
093-5979 096-3973 099-6097 1R-7567 099-8112 5W-1245 6W-3988 6I-6426 7Y-1902 7Y-0466
099-0149 8T-0348 096-4212 1R-7568 099-8110 8U- 0571 093-5718 099-0149 7Y-1904 8T-0348
093-5979 093-5718 8T-4121 1R-7569 099-8111 5W-2338 7Y-0466 099-0144 248-7284 6I-6426
094-1466 096-1848 8T-4195 095- 0571 7Y-1350 8T-0348 8T-0348 7Y-0466 7Y-0466 266-6280
096-3973 096-1848 8T-4136 094-6377 6W-3988 6W-3989 109-9248 8T-0348 7Y- 0571 7Y-0466
094-1466 099-5534 099-6094 099-5666 190-5846 6W-1958 099-0149 255-2940 4I-7360 132-7721
099-6094 093-6867 1R-7565 8U-0950 6W-3990 099-6444 099-0144 266-6280 190-5846 7Y- 0571
7Y-1902 7Y-0466 7I-7678 7Y- 0571 7Y-1904 124-1665 7Y-1905 7Y- 0571

About Us:

Yingfeng Construction Machinery Limited established in 1988,having both trading company and owned factory .Office and showroom are located in HangZhou ,Xihu (West Lake) Dis. district. We produce and sell various Excavator Parts,such as coupling,Oil Seal,Hydraulic Parts,Excavator Rubber Parts,Excavator Electric Parts,Excavator wearing Parts,Engine Parts,Excavator Filters,Excavator Gears,Bearings,Excavator A/C Parts,Excavator Undercarriage Parts and Some air compressor couplings.
The parts we supplly can be used 
A. In order to give you fast and accurate pricing information, we need some details about your engine/application and the part number of the part you want.
B. If you can not find the parts you want, please contact us

Shipping and Delivery
We will 100% check the items before packing
Package: The items will be packed into a strong carton/ wooden box, Or packed as the customer’s request.
Lead Time: Within 1-3 workdays after recieve the payment
Shipping terms: Express, Sea, Air.

We Can Also Supply the Following Parts:

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drive coupling

Do Drive Couplings Require Periodic Lubrication, and If So, How Often?

Yes, drive couplings often require periodic lubrication to ensure smooth and efficient operation. The frequency of lubrication depends on the type of coupling and the specific application. Here are some general guidelines for lubricating drive couplings:

  • Flexible Couplings: Most flexible drive couplings, such as elastomeric and grid couplings, do not require frequent lubrication. These couplings typically utilize elastomeric materials or grid elements that do not need lubrication. However, it is essential to inspect the coupling regularly for signs of wear or damage and lubricate any movable components if necessary. Consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific lubrication recommendations.
  • Gear Couplings: Gear couplings, which use gear teeth to transmit torque, require periodic lubrication. The lubrication interval depends on factors like the coupling size, operating conditions, and the type of lubricant used. In many cases, gear couplings require lubrication every 3 to 6 months or after a certain number of operating hours. Regular inspections should be carried out to check the lubricant’s condition and replenish it as needed.
  • Chain Couplings: Chain couplings, which employ roller chains, necessitate regular lubrication to reduce friction and wear. The frequency of lubrication can vary based on the chain type, speed, and operating conditions. Some chains require lubrication every 1 to 3 months, while others may need more frequent attention. Proper lubrication helps extend the chain’s life and maintain the coupling’s efficiency.

When applying lubrication to drive couplings, it is essential to use the recommended lubricant specified by the manufacturer. The lubricant’s properties, such as viscosity and temperature range, should align with the coupling’s requirements and the application’s operating conditions. Over-lubrication can be as detrimental as under-lubrication, so it’s crucial to adhere to the recommended lubrication amounts.

In summary, drive couplings may require periodic lubrication depending on their type and design. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations for lubrication intervals and using the appropriate lubricant helps ensure the drive coupling operates smoothly and efficiently throughout its service life.

drive coupling

How to Select the Right Drive Coupling for Specific Torque and Speed Requirements

Choosing the appropriate drive coupling for specific torque and speed requirements is essential to ensure reliable and efficient power transmission in mechanical systems. Here are the steps to help you make the right selection:

  1. Identify Torque and Speed Parameters: Determine the maximum and minimum torque values that the coupling will experience during operation. Also, establish the required operating speed range.
  2. Consider the Application: Evaluate the application’s characteristics, such as the nature of the driven equipment, the presence of shock loads, vibrations, and misalignments. Different applications may require different coupling types and designs.
  3. Calculate Service Factor: Apply a service factor to the calculated torque to account for any variations in the load during operation. The service factor typically ranges from 1.2 to 2, depending on the application’s demands.
  4. Choose the Coupling Type: Based on the torque, speed, and application requirements, select the appropriate coupling type. Common coupling types include elastomeric couplings, grid couplings, gear couplings, and metallic disc couplings.
  5. Torsional Stiffness and Damping: Consider the desired level of torsional stiffness and damping based on the application’s need for rigidity and vibration absorption. High-speed applications may require couplings with good damping characteristics to prevent resonance.
  6. Temperature and Environment: Take into account the operating temperature and environmental conditions. Extreme temperatures or corrosive environments may require specific coupling materials or coatings.
  7. Alignment and Misalignment Tolerance: Assess the alignment capabilities of the coupling. Flexible couplings can accommodate misalignments, while rigid couplings require precise alignment.
  8. Space Limitations: Consider any spatial constraints for coupling installation. Some couplings may have compact designs suitable for confined spaces.
  9. Budget and Maintenance: Factor in the initial cost and ongoing maintenance requirements of the coupling. While some couplings may have higher upfront costs, they might offer longer service life and lower maintenance expenses.
  10. Consult with Manufacturers: Reach out to coupling manufacturers or specialists to discuss your specific requirements. They can provide expert advice and recommend suitable couplings for your application.

By carefully evaluating torque and speed requirements, considering the application’s characteristics, and selecting a coupling that matches the demands of the system, you can ensure optimal performance and longevity of the power transmission setup.

drive coupling

Advantages of Using Drive Couplings in Automotive Systems

Drive couplings play a critical role in automotive systems, contributing to the efficient and reliable operation of various components. They are used in several applications within vehicles, providing several advantages that enhance performance, comfort, and safety. Here are some of the key advantages of using drive couplings in automotive systems:

  • Smooth Power Transmission: Drive couplings efficiently transmit power from the engine to different automotive components, such as the transmission, differential, and wheels. They provide a smooth power transfer, reducing energy losses and ensuring optimal performance.
  • Shock Absorption: Automotive drive couplings with flexible elements, such as elastomeric materials or metal discs, absorb shocks and vibrations caused by road irregularities. This helps improve the overall comfort of the vehicle and reduces wear on drivetrain components.
  • Misalignment Compensation: Misalignments can occur due to chassis flexing or other factors in automotive systems. Drive couplings with flexible elements can accommodate these misalignments, reducing stress on the connected components and extending their lifespan.
  • Noise and Vibration Reduction: By dampening vibrations and noise, drive couplings contribute to a quieter and more pleasant driving experience for passengers.
  • Energy Efficiency: Drive couplings ensure efficient power transmission, which is essential for maximizing fuel economy and reducing emissions in modern vehicles.
  • Protection of Expensive Components: Drive couplings act as protective components by isolating the drivetrain from shocks and torque spikes. This helps prevent damage to more expensive components like the transmission and differential.
  • Adaptability to Different Configurations: Automotive drive couplings are available in various designs and sizes, allowing manufacturers to adapt them to different vehicle configurations and drivetrain layouts.
  • Reliability and Longevity: Properly designed and maintained drive couplings have a long service life, contributing to the overall durability and reliability of the vehicle.
  • Safety Enhancement: In certain situations, such as during sudden accelerations or decelerations, drive couplings help maintain stable power delivery, thus contributing to better vehicle handling and control.
  • Less Wear and Tear: By absorbing shocks and reducing vibrations, drive couplings reduce wear and tear on drivetrain components, leading to reduced maintenance requirements and longer component life.

In summary, drive couplings are essential components in automotive systems that provide numerous advantages, including smooth power transmission, shock absorption, misalignment compensation, noise reduction, energy efficiency, and increased safety. These advantages contribute to the overall performance, comfort, and longevity of vehicles in various driving conditions.

China Custom Excavator Engine Drive Coupling Compatial with Centafle 45h Coupling  China Custom Excavator Engine Drive Coupling Compatial with Centafle 45h Coupling
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